Myths About Home Inspection and Real Facts Related to That

People have a lot of myths in their mind about home inspection like:
– Finding a good inspector is easy.
– All home inspector have the same level of knowledge in this field.
– Home inspection takes around one hour only.
– While doing basic inspection home inspector can find termites.
– Home inspection is just a formalities so hiring a least cost inspector is good.
– A home inspection report is just a checklist, which is sense less.
These are the few myths, which people have, but the fact is quite different than it. Finding a home is may be an easy job, but only in two conditions either you have already used home inspection service from good home inspection firm or home inspector and second condition if you just want to complete formality otherwise finding a good home inspector is that much tough as finding a new home. As home inspection is a new field people are not aware from it and they do not have an idea that which kind of home inspector they should hire. A home inspector must be from a certified firm and must be well trained or experienced because only well trained and experienced home inspector knows that how to use modern tools like Electrical Testers, AFCI/GFCI tester, combustible-gas detector, Moisture meters, Continuous radon monitors.
People think Home inspection is about a single normal visit of house, but inspection is quite different than it because it includes inspection of every tiny article present in the house so that inspector can find every small problem like termite, infrared waves, toxic gases and as inspector is inspecting all things it is quite obvious that it will take more than an hour. Home inspection can be done in two ways one is basic home inspection which includes inspection of major problems of home like electricity, plumbing, roof, walls and few appliances of home and second kind of inspection include complete system of home. People think it is just a formality, but if you are buying a home and as home is the biggest investment a person does in his life so if he wants good thing or home in return of his money, then home inspection is the only way, which can ensure him that whether he is getting good thing for his money or not. Generally home inspector gives two reports one is instant report and another is complete report with digital photos of the inspected area or appliances of home. People think home inspector gives only checklist of inspected area, but that is just instant report which can give you rough idea about your home and there is one more report, which is complete report of your home. Complete report of your home includes where is the problem, what is the problem, reason of problem, how it can be corrected and how it can be prevented in the future. These are the few facts about home inspection about which every home inspector and homeowner must know.

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